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Culture of Haryana

HARYANA has a rich cultural heritage from the Vedic times. The state is rich in folklore. The people of Haryana follow their own traditions. People of HARYANA still follow the old age customs of meditation, chanting of Vedic Mantras and Yoga. The religious and seasonal festivals shows the culture of this region. The haryanvi dance is the mother of all arts. Music and poetry exist in environment, architecture and painting in space. The dance is not just a form of recreation but something needed to release the physical and emotional energy. Folk dances, helps in removing the performer's worries and cares.

The traditional clothes for females is Ghagra Choli and Dhoti kurta for men in HARYANA. But with the change of times metropolitan dresses are also being worn because of effect of television. Earlier the females had ghugta from the elder males in their in-laws family. But with change of times the custom and traditions are also changing. The men and women work together in fields.

HARYANA has always been a state of diverse races, cultures and faiths. It is on this soil that they met and fused into something truly India. The people of HARYANA have preserved their old religion and social traditions. They celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. Their culture and popular art are as follows:

  • Saangs
  • Dramas
  • Ballads
  • Songs in which they take participate with great delight.

The people of HARYANA has its own folk music in the form of raaginis. The raaginis have stories about the past heroes and their brave fights.



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